British Values in Action: School Axolotl is Named by Secret Ballot!

We would like to introduce our new school pet, Gill-bert, the axolotl.  We are sure by now you have heard lots about Gill-bert, who was chosen by the older children in the Eco club.  A few weeks ago we went to Webbs Garden Centre to learn about how to look after an axolotl, and choose which amphibian would come back with us.  Prior to picking him up (we think it’s a ‘him’) we researched what was needed to set up a tank.  This took us to Browns Hardware and Happy Pets, to choose supplies.  Since then, we have been carefully feeding him, giving him regular water changes and learning how to test the water.

In order to name our Axolotl we put our British Value of Democracy into practice. The children in each class put forward names and voted on which name their class would put forward as a suggestion.  Then, last week, the whole school (children and adults alike) took part in a democratic vote, with each class name appearing on the ballot paper.  Each child in school had opportunity to decide from all the names that were put forward…even the teachers got to vote for their favourite name, by visiting the polling station in Year 6, putting a cross in the box next to the name they preferred and then putting their voting paper in the ballot box. Our Year 6 axolotl team counted the votes and is was a close run thing between Bubbles and Gill-bert.

We are happy to announce the winning name is Gill-bert, which is a very appropriate name for him as he has lovely, pink, frilly gills. 

Welcome to Holy Redeemer School Gill-bert, we are really enjoying looking after you!


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