Building Learning Power at Holy Redeemer

At Holy Redeemer we plan and teach an enquiry based creative curriculum that captures our pupils’ interests and imagination, making links between different areas of their learning. Through consultation with pupils, staff and parents, we have designed our own Holy Redeemer Curriculum Values, which will provide the warp through which we weave the content of the National Curriculum, to provide a rich and colourful tapestry of learning for our pupils. A key element of our curriculum is teaching children the transferable learning skills that can be applied throughout their lives. We do this though our School interpretation of Guy Claxton’s Building Learning Power, where pupils learn about the 6 Rs that will help them to become better learners (resilience, responsibility, reciprocity, resourcefulness, reflectiveness and readiness). Lower down the school the children are introduced to the elements of the 6 Rs through characters that we have developed.

Here is a Powerpoint to explain Building Learning Power, within the context of our school. It breaks each of the 6 Rs down into their component characteristics.

For our younger children we broke these learning behaviours down and worked together to create characters that the children could try to be like (wonderfully brought to life by Mrs Breakwell). Hover over each image to find out the name of the character and the learning characteristic that they are helping the children to develop.

How the Characters Link to the 6Rs