All About Me!

This half term our learning has been based around the topic, ‘All about me’.
We have used well known stories to help us explore what makes each one of us an individual. The story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ encouraged us to build and construct using different mediums. We learnt the repeated refrains from the story and used these within our free play.
We explored weight and capacity of items by using a hair dryer to represent the wolf to ‘huff and puff and blow it down’.
A sensory small world farm helped us to explore textures and extend our vocabulary with new descriptive words. Chocolate pudding playdough resembled ‘mud’ which extended imaginative play with creating pig footsteps and cutting out various animal shapes.
Throughout the half term we have also explored shapes and this has been entwined with many of our learning opportunities.
This week our learning came from the interests of the children with pumpkins! We painted pumpkins using a variety of tools; rollers, sponges and brushes. Then we washed the pumpkins using our core muscles and large motor muscles.
We investigated butternut squash and pumpkins, cutting them up, scooping out the seeds and later using the seeds for counting activities. We all enjoyed the story, ‘Pumpkin Soup’ which helped us to reflect on being kind to one another and being a good friend.
In math’s we used chain links to measure around the pumpkins and also compared the different sizes of the pumpkins. We even learnt pumpkin themed songs!
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