Year 4: History Trip-Vikings

On Wednesday Year 4 visited Bishop’s Wood Environmental Centre for a Viking day. On arrival they were met by Gegor, their Viking leader. He convened a meeting at the village longhouse and proposed a raid on England, which the children were definitely up for. 

After rowing and sailing across the North Sea, in record time, we arrived in Mercia we found a rich and plentiful place; somewhere that we all agreed would be a good place to settle. There was good farming land, bee hives that would mean we could sweeten and preserve our food as well as make mead, and an abandoned Anglo Saxon dwelling that was sturdy and comfortable.

Once settled Gregor taught us how to carry out important tasks that we would need to carry out and we set to making clay pots, spinning wool and working in the blacksmiths, making copper broaches. 

After work, there was time to play Kingy Bats, great fun, but also very useful in strengthening our arms ready for battle. 

A picnic lunch set everyone up for an afternoon of setting up an encampment, where we made shelters, and learnt how to make fire.

It was a wonderful visit and we learnt so much. Thank you Gregor and thank you Bishops Wood.


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