90 and Not Out!

Tomorrow is Deacon Jim’s 90th birthday. Today he came into school for our Easter Reflection and the children and staff presented him with cards and gifts.

We also sang to him our own lyrics to the tune of Loch Lomond, which we based on all the wonderful stories he has told us over the years:
From Scotland you came,
A highland rebel lad,
Where the sun shines brightly for footie.
Where you and your classmates
kicked ball around the glen.
And Celtic’s your club-what a beauty!
Oh, you’ve brought us laughter
And you’ve helped us pray;
Our lives are much richer when you’re here,
We love Deacon Jim and on this special day
Happy Birthday and God bless you always.
While serving abroad,
You met your dearest wife,
And had many years of pure love.
with in-laws and outlaws
And friends all around
You brought so much peace like a true dove.
Oh you’ve brought us laughter…
You worked many years
In old London Town,
Where your fine art skills were noted.
The National Gall-e-ry
Was the mainstay of your life
And the standard of your art often quoted.
Oh you’ve brought us laughter…
You joined us every Friday
To eat some fish and chips.
You’ve sat and shared our birthday  pleasure.
You taught Year 3 Baptism
And our assemblies you have seen;
Deacon Jim-you’re a gift and a treasure!
Oh you’ve brought us laughter…

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