Year 4: Start of Year Round-up

Year 4 have settled in really well and have been working incredibly hard. They had a most shocking incident in class on Monday! They returned from assembly to find their chairs were missing! The children were perplexed and had many questions. After hunting for clues and the children found a letter from the class chairs saying that they had QUIT! The children wrote letters convincing the chairs to return, promising they would not be mistreated again.  
In PSHE the class read ‘Ruby’s Worry’ and ‘Our Class is a Family’, discussing what they can do this year to make sure their class community is one that is positive and supportive. The children thought about the feeling of worry, what it feels like and how a person might look if they have those feelings. They discussed how in the story of Ruby’s Worry, she felt better for talking about her feelings with someone she trusted and the class Calm Space and worry box were introduced to the children. The children have also started to use the ‘self check-in’ drawers as a means for communicating their feelings during the day. 
Year 4 also started to think about democracy and how each person’s voice is important and valued. The ‘Book Vote’ space was introduced and children have enjoyed using their token to decide on each day’s story. Their favourite books so far have been: The First Hippo on the Moon and Boogie Bear – both by David Walliams. Everyone enjoyed having a good old giggle whilst reading these! The children have also been enjoying their class book corner and going to the library. The digital QR code library in class has been an immediate hit! 
In Geography the children have begun their ‘Local Area’ unit, looking at what Pershore is like, the amenities it has to offer and what it is like to live here. They looked at maps, both printed and on iPads, and used Google Maps key to help them identify landmarks. 
In R.E the class have started their unit on Creation, looking at how amazing God’s creation is, and thinking about their role in looking after it. We produced some wonderful story boards to show what we have learnt. They’ve also had some very reflective prayer sessions together, where the children wrote prayers for the prayer tree, based on the Gospel story of Jairus’s Daughter. They thought about difficult times or challenges in their own lives and prayed for Jesus’s support and guidance. 
What a very busy few days!
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