Year 1: Goldilocks Week

Year 1 settled into their new class really quickly last week, and even though it was only half a week, they seem to have packed in a whole week’s worth of learning!

One of the things they especially enjoyed was listening to the story of Goldilocks and then working together to  act it out. They also enjoyed doing their own learning in the Three Bears’ House, in the role play corner. Both these opportunities will be a great help to them this week when they will need to remember what happened so that they can retell it in their writing.

In maths last week the children were sorting shapes and objects and in science they had great fun exploring and asking questions about different materials.

This term the class ‘book as a hook’ is The Lion Inside. The children enjoyed reading the story with Miss Russell and thought about how they are going to be brave like the little mouse in the story.

Finally, during story and snack time the children listened to the story of The Man On The Moon (A Day In the Life of Bob), where they excitedly spotted and counted the aliens, which Bob thought didn’t exist!

An excellent start to Year 1. Miss Russell can’t wait to see what amazing things they children will learn this year. 

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