What the Ladybird Saw: Reception Class

This week Henrietta delivered the book ‘What the ladybird heard’, by Julia Donaldson. This has led us to research, investigate and explore ladybirds, using the internet, non-fiction books, fiction books, finding and collecting some real ladybirds from our bug hunting area to observe, and then making pretend ladybirds on the creation station.
In phonics we have been practising spotting digraphs and reading words with adjacent consonants, as well as re-reading our books from guided reading.
The children also worked in pairs to create their own maps of a farmyard, based on our book, and we spent Tuesday afternoon on a ‘plant hunt’ in our school grounds, matching a picture to the plant and learning lots of new plant names. We then enjoyed drawing some of the beautiful flowers which are growing in the playground.
In Art we started a new topic on printing. We explored the patterns and prints we could make in damp sand and clay and then went onto printing with different parts of our hand and a range of hard and soft materials. 
At Forest School we enjoyed using the swing, digging and finding lots of woodlice! We continued our plant hunt within Forest School, matching a given leaf with a tree or bush – we had to use our observational skills to look carefully at the different shapes, sizes and colours of leaves until we found the correct match. 
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