Pre-school: Dinosaur Week

The children of Hopscotch were very inquisitive in their quest to learn ‘All About Animals’ this term.  They started the topic with dinosaurs, using the poetry anthology ‘Dinosaurs Galore’, by Giles Andreae as a starting point.  The children used their fine motor skills to excavate small dinosaurs from sand, using brushes.  The younger children then sorted the dinosaurs by colour, whilst our older children used them for counting and to match amounts to numerals.   Fine motor control was developed by using tweezers to put pompom spots on dinosaur pictures.

The children used different objects to create dinosaur habitats and made up their own stories.  The younger children explored sound, by imagining they were different dinosaurs, with different voices.  We kept our dinosaurs clean, giving them a bath and cleaning with small brushes, after using them to create toy footprints.   This gave us the idea to make our own dinosaur feet, using cardboard, before stepping in paint and creating our own footprints.

We are getting good at being independent and we now wash up our own cups and plates after snack.  After our snack we used the grass slope next to the playground to stomp on and roll down, like different dinosaurs!

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