Reception: The Gingerbread Man

Last week we started our lessons by following a trail of numbered gingerbread men around the school grounds to find this week’s book – The Gingerbread Man. Mrs Barker also left us some maps of our outdoor classroom with some clues to what we were going to be doing: ‘X marked the spot’!  We worked in pairs and eventually found all the ingredients and equipment to make gingerbread men. We enjoyed making and eating our very own biscuits.

In Maths we have been comparing numbers. In pairs, we played a game, picking a card each and seeing who had fewer and who had more buttons on their gingerbread man.

During our ‘understanding of the world’ afternoon we visited the same three trees in our school grounds to observe how they had changed or stayed the same since autumn.

At Forest School we received a letter from the gingerbread man, enjoyed listening to the story at base camp, went on a gingerbread man trail and enjoyed some yummy hot chocolate.

In PE we put together a sequence of movements to create the gingerbread man’s journey from the oven to the river. 

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