This week in Reception Class we have continued to base our learning around the story of the Little Red Hen.  

We have been learning to retell the story using actions and have been enjoying re-reading the book and joining in the repeated refrains.  

One of our challenges on our passport was to write a message to someone in a speech bubble. We have been writing lots of lovely messages to our family and friends!  

We have been using our phonics to help us read and follow a number of instructions linked to the Little Red Hen. We had to go to a given location, such as the mill or farm and follow the instruction, such as ‘clap hands’, ‘jump up and down’, ‘get a book’.  

In science we have been investigating floating and sinking. We had a number of objects to make predictions about and then test out to see if they floated or sank: our biggest challenge was to make a boat out of plasticine. We needed to do lots of testing and adapting our models until it successfully floated.  

We also carried out a number of other science investigations, including observing what happens to bread mix when left, inflating a balloon using yeast and a week-long experiment to see what would happen if we left some bread out in the classroom. We have been returning to the bread on a daily basis to see what has happened and to find out if our predictions were correct.  

In Maths we have been building numbers beyond 10. We have been using lots of different resources to make numbers between 11-20, identifying one full ten and some more ones.  

In PE we have enjoyed using the apparatus to develop our jumping skills and to show off our stretching and curling, ways of travelling and holding body shapes, that we have been refining over the past half term.  

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