Healthy Eating Week

This week at Hopscotch we were thinking about doctors and how we can keep our bodies healthy.  We changed our role-play to a doctor’s surgery, where we used lots of bandages. We listened to our heart beats and thought about where our different body parts were.  We used our senses to explore, and filled doctors gloves and tried to guess and describe what was inside.

In maths we are still working on our number recognition and used magnetic numbers to make a number line. 

The children had lots of fun exploring in water play, using their science investigation skills to explore sinking and floating objects.  We named different materials and talked about what might happen when we put them in the water.

We have been busy creating an outdoor garden area and loved doing lots of digging and planting.  We learned how to wash our hands properly and why it was important to get rid of all the germs.  We made our own germ pictures using blow paints. 

Later in the week we sorted different foods into treats and healthy foods, and have made our own healthy sandwich.  We also discovered some new fruits and make a fruit salad.

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