“In the Spring, at the end of the day,                                          you should smell like dirt.”

Margaret Attwood (Bluebeard’s Egg)


In literacy this term, we have started with non-chronological reports about how people lived in the Stone Age. After learning how to structure the report, children wrote their own, independent, non chronological reports on the theme of the Iron Age.

After half term, we read and studied ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom.’ The children undertook some active learning; in collaboration with Pershore college to discover which plants grow on a desert island and what conditions are needed.

We even made a film…


In maths this half term, we have worked on multiplication using ‘the grid method.’ We have chosen the grid method as it is a simpler way for the children to understand the multiplication process as well as using their knowledge of place value.

After halt term, we will be learning how to add and subtract money.


We have studied forces and magnets in science this half term. Children have been exploring pushes and pulls as well as magnetic fields and electromagents.

In Spring 2, we have been learning about different types of plant, different part of the plants and it’s role as well as doing a bit of our own potting. This links nicely to our Spring Show garden. 

Topic – Geography

Following on from O.S. maps of Pershore, we decided to do a further study of land use and trade links within Pershore. This involved visiting shop owners, purchasing local goods and talking with customers on why local trade and transport is important.

We compared Pershore, UK and Sydney, Australia on their tranpsort links to show the contrast. We even Skyped a real life Australian, who works in the transport industry. He was able to offer an insight on how he keep the trains going! We children had great fun interviewing him.  This linked in well to our Great Barrier Reef topic. 

The children studied the land use in the Great Barrier Reef and undertook research on sustainability to show why and how the world’s largest living organism is under threat. 

Topic – History

Following on from the Bronze Age, we have this term been learning about the Iron Age and Celts. We have been analysing and compare lives, food, houses and belief systems throughout the ages.


Our art theme this term, is inspired by the Great Barrier Reef and Kensuke’s Kingdom. We have worked with horizon lines and studied drawing with perspective. We have used poster paint, water paints and pastel concentrating on brush strokes as well as smudging the pastel.


In art, we designed the re-seeding modules for the Great Barrier Reef as well as creating the sustainable man for our Spring Show garden. This was to show the relaxed man attitude to climate change. We must act now to save our future!

The RHS Spring Festival – May 2020

As a surprise entry into this year’s RHS Spring Festival, Holy Redeemer have been working with volunteers: Bob and Val as well as the Pershore College to a develop a school garden based upon the Great Barrier Reef.

Year 3 /4 and other members of the School / Eco council will be working hard to prepare the garden and raise awareness for this part of the world , which is being destroyed.

Related Curriculum Areas

Year 3/4 will be studying ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett to inspire them. The children will be reading a classic starts novel supported by the original classic in extracts. This will expose the children to a good quality text.

We have been busy applying our maths skills by working out areas and perimeters of the garden space as we begin to build and decorate the reef.

Naturally, The Great Barrier Reef lends itself to geography. We will study maps of Australia and continents that side of the world.

Children will also learn, how we as a human race are contributing to climate change and how we can help preserve this through science. We will study animals and habitats as well as studying the structure of plants and their life cycle.

Design and Technology has given us the chance to experience CAD / CAM (computer aided design/manufacture) before we begin to build from our plans.

Spring Show cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak.

It is with great sadness and regret, that i announce the cancellation of the RHS Spring Festival and with it the School’s Spring Garden Challenge. The children had worked extremely hard trying to develop the garden but also their own knowledge of plants and sustainability. 

Thank you to all sponsors and volunteers alike and especially Pershore College.

This competition had brought a large,successful amount of inspiration to our classroom and the children had even created a film.