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Alton Castle Summer 2016

Excitement erupted as I anxiously ambled down to the nightline and the trees cast dancing shadows as I nervously awaited the dreaded blindfold. Nerves had conquered my body and were causing me to shiver as I tentatively stumbled down the abrupt steps and cautiously grabbed the rope. Suddenly, screeches reverberated and pierced my ears as I took my first step into The Nightline! The wind whistled and we reached the first obstacle! Gingerly, I attempted to scramble over the tree trunk; however it didn’t go all to plan; I fell flat on my bottom. Finally, (after hours of giggling with Lauren) I rose and continued on trudging along, stumbling all over the place like I was drunk! Without warning, Mr Perry secretly frightened me by yelling BOO!!! Lauren and I shattered to the floor with laughter! An unforgettable memory of Alton Castle!
We continued having fun even when the lights were ‘supposed’ to have gone to sleep!! We were extremely hyper and energetic. How on earth were the tired ones going to drift off to a deep sleep! The clock struck 2:00am; it’s definitely time to sleep! Thump!! “hahaha, Ella are you okay?” laughed Lauren and Ella. I had just fallen out of bed! Typical me! 2:30! Yes you’ve guessed it; we didn’t sleep again that night!! Mrs Williams wasn’t too impressed! We woke her up at 5:00am with all the noise…Surprisingly, we weren’t tired at all; however that night was exhausting.

Alton Castle Recount
By Frederick
As we got on the bus to a trip I’ll never forget, I felt a freedom and an urge to get there. Having one look back we set off. Half way through the journey the bus driver took a wrong turning and we arrived at the entrance to Alton Towers! Unfortunately we turned around but Alton Castle was much better than that. As we pulled up, I gazed at the wonderful scenery: a castle with turrets the colour of clouds. One of the tall turrets was a bright 50 carat gold!!I was so astonished I didn’t realise we were getting off the bus into the castle…
Trudging up the steep stairs I looked forward; there were still 2 flights (we were on the 3rd floor).As we went back down the flight of stairs I saw the view: fields smothered with cows, the candy floss clouds floating in multi blue sky.
Archery was our first activity; we were split into two teams the ‘arrow missers’ and the awesome balloon busters! We had to pop balloons on the target. Balloon Busters won!!In addition we popped the rest of their balloons. Thus that was the first day of Alton castle no mud at all! Until the evening!
7.00 PM
Blindfolded. Hand on rope. Most of all muddy. Slipped again. Thigh smothered with mud. What’s this? A tree? Or a hand? Don’t care. I need to get to the end of this hell of tricks and mud. Suddenly a scream. It’s repeated by everyone even me. In front of me sighs that the journey’s nearly over. As quick as I can I stride ahead. I feel the end. I’m so exhausted. I’ll never ever do it again.
On a bicycle on a treacherous track we are puddle deep. Other bicycles getting muddier and muddier as the riders laugh or groan. As we stop the instructor teaches us a dance: the rubber chicken. It went like this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 x4 1 2 3 4 5 6 x4 1 2 3 4 x4 1 2 x4 then rubber chicken!!!! (You had to say all of it really fast)
There was much, much more but these were the highlights of the trip and as we come to the end of the recount the main thing is to always, always get muddy!!!!

Batsford Aboretum

On the 20th October 2015 Class 6 visited Batsford Aboretum. The trip included a tour of the grounds led by our fantastic plant expert, Bob Hares, followed by a falconry display in the afternoon. Class 6 have written poetry about Batsford and have recently begun an art project inspired by its beauty.

Batsford in Autumn

A riot of colours create a vista,

As animals gather food for the winter.

Golden, crimson and amber leaves conceal the underworld

As they lie among the grass shoots.

Many varieties of trees keep their leaves alive,

These are called evergreens and in the winter they survive.

However, deciduous trees will lose their leaves

The great English oaks and the glorious horse chestnuts.

From Japanese maples to Bamboo sticks,

Batsford  explodes in Autumn colours

A landscape of plants from every corner of the world

As an array of bright and vibrant colours rule the empty patches of land.

A sweet scent of honey wafts across my nose,

As the blue birds sing their joyful song.

Batsford is a wonderful place whenever you go,

The secrets of every season are new.



A firework display of colours erupted before me.

A scent of honey from nectar collected by a bee.

We tasted the fresh minty fragrance which perfumed the air.

Golden leaves scattered everywhere.

The barn owl whistled through the sapphire sky.

       Crimson flowers danced in the breeze.

The flowers were calm and the trees were at peace.

Dew drops clung from ancient oak trees.

The Frost King whispered, ‘‘Don’t harm us please…’’

Wild berries on bushes which little birds eat.

Make a fantastic, tasty treat.

By Charlotte and Lara

Autumn Time

Trees bright as fire,

Showering leaves.

Navy rivers flowing,

Bluebells bright and growing.

Daffodils blooming,

The sun beaming down.

Some leaves are lovely and green

Others are red and mean.

Autumn brings a riot of colour,

Fireworks bursting out.

Fungi sitting on the ground

Turn around, don’t make a sound…

See the squirrel scuttling by,

While leaves continue to fall.

A chilly breeze floats past,

Enjoy it up to the very last.

Batsford was amazing,

I loved it every bit.

I also learnt a LOT.

Our tour guide was Bob Hares,

There was nothing he didn’t know.

So go to Batsford, look at the wonders,

Just watch out for the bears!!

By Ella

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